Kabukicho_Forest_Composition 1920

Subtitles / Translation

Subtitling requires special techniques especially for a language such as Japanese of which syntax, cultural sensitivity and pace are significantly different from English. KNIT Vision Media has been offering Japanese-English subtitling with media-specific sensitivity to many productions including CBC (Canada), NTV (Turkey) and NHK (Japan).
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We work with our clients who seek information on Japan and North America in the areas of culture and arts. Reports will be derived from existing data and/or original field research depending on the client's needs.


Writing articles and reports on various areas with a focus on better cross-cultural discourses.

Video Production / Editing

We produce documentary style videos for non-profits and community organization with a small crew. We can also edit videos from existing materials owned by clients.original field research when necessary. Our Japanese clients want to gather information about North America, and North American clients want to know about Japan.