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Founded by Kyoko Yokoma, a filmmaker, editor and writer as a division of ConnectedEarth, KNIT Vision Media produces and markets innovative, engaging documentary films on pressing social issues of our time. Whether on Islamophobia or on nuclear accidents, our projects challenge our mindsets and ask difficult questions on complex, often controversial subjects to help our audience be able to think, feel and act to find holistic solutions to many challenges and make our planet and society more sustainable and balanced. Founded by Kyoko Yokoma, an award-winning filmmaker with international experience, KNIT Vision Media offer our audio-visual works to businesses, academic institutions and community partners to realize our objectives. Our current focus is to market market our most recent film Between Allah & Me (and Everyone Else), a timely topic about hijab, a dress code largely adopted by Muslim women. The film has been introduced to the market in February 2016. Our next new project Live Fukushima is in production starting as an installation documentary on the impacts of the nuclear meltdown accidents in Japan since 2011. This project will be further developed as an interactive and expandable online documentary by 2018. 

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